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The Malaka Pioneers Club

The Malaka Pioneers
Have Chosen You!

With the powerful South West Monsoon and all of its tremulous petrichor and verdant earthiness comes a piece of paper, carried by the whim of the wind, It lands in the cradle of your lap and as you pick it up, fingers running over the torn fragment, you realize it’s part of a map, and it is leading somewhere.

As your eyes study the intricate, neatly marked details, you are overcome with a vision. It shimmers before your eyes; the hull of an old ship breaking through frothing waves, there are whispers carried by the wind, there is a story that you feel deep within your being without it ever being uttered.

The lost tales of a magical pirate crew sailing through the high seas of SouthEast of Asia, bringing ingredients from all across scattered island nations closer together as they put together a feast, their vociferous stories weave through the mystical landscape and are carried forward to this day.

We’ve heard whispers amongst the community, there are more that have chanced upon this secret, but it is clear that you must put together all the pieces to form a map for the treasure lies at the end of your quest. As a holder now, and as a part of the community you have access to a fantastical realm and all its secrets.

The Malaka Pioneers have chosen you!

Our Philosophy

Samastha Jankalyane Nirantram

Over the years of running Malaka Spice, we have always been hungry to find a way to give back to our community and to contribute to the social sustainability of our economy.

Welcome to The Pioneers Club, a one of a kind community space where you get to be a part of something much bigger than just a regular loyalty program, where it is our intention to ensure you grow and earn with us, where you can interact with the fabric of the House of Malaka Spice, and delve into a space beyond restauranting.

With a beautiful collectible collection, you can select any single art piece when you purchase your program and become part of this community!

Program Details


  • Please note that Malaka Spice reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest at its discretion.
  • To claim your royalty payments, it is necessary to complete the KYC norms in accordance with RBI guidelines. This process will be enabled through Zeno.
  • Please note that all tax implications related to royalty payments are the responsibility of the individual customer and must be handled accordingly.
  • Please be advised that Zeno does not provide any guarantee or assurance on the quality of services provided by Malaka Spice. Any grievance related to the service must be addressed directly to Malaka Spice.
  • Please note that memberships purchased through our loyalty program are non-refundable.
  • Please be advised that alcoholic beverages are only available for consumption at the premises and are not available for home delivery.
  • To qualify for membership, individuals must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • For information regarding the leasing of memberships, please refer to the terms and conditions outlined in the leasing agreement.
  • Please note that the offers provided to our Pioneers cannot be combined with any other ongoing offers or promotions.
  • Please be advised that Malaka Spice reserves the right to modify any privilege or aspect of the loyalty program at its sole discretion.