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Transforming Malaka Spice, Kharadi: From Cloud Kitchen to a Vibrant Dining Destination

Jul 09

At Malaka Spice, we've always been committed to providing exceptional Southeast Asian cuisine and unforgettable dining experiences. Our journey in Kharadi began modestly, serving the burgeoning IT community as a cloud kitchen. Recognizing the area's growth potential and absence of a Southeast Asian restaurant in Kharadi, we seized the opportunity to establish a physical presence dedicated to our patrons.

As a group, we invested in Kharadi way before it became a commercial hub. The space was bought with a view of giving it on rent to a commercial establishment. However, soon we realised the potential that our newest purchase had, and we thought why not turn it into a Malaka Spice!

Growing in Kharadi:

Our initial thought was that maybe Kharadi wasn’t yet ready for a Malaka Spice. So we started slowly but steadily. We started off with a cloud kitchen back in 2020 which would dispense Malaka Spice and One China food. Soon our home delivery business picked up and in 2022 we started off with full fledged restaurant operations.

As Kharadi flourished, so did we. While our food received acclaim, our customers expressed a longing for the vibrant ambiance synonymous with our Koregaon Park flagship.

Listening to Feedback and Revamping our Kharadi Outlet:

Driven by customer feedback and our dedication to excellence, we embarked on a mission to revamp Malaka Spice, Kharadi. Though we received a lot of love and support from the amazing Corporates and Residential guests. But there was still one vital feedback that all of our guests used to give us, which is that the Koregaon Park still has a better ambience. So we decided to give our guests just that. In just 10 days, we transformed our Kharadi restaurant into a beautiful look-a-like of our Koregaon Park restaurant, or may we say even better! By introducing elements that revitalized the dining experience and incorporating glass features for an airy, spacious feel and lush plantations to infuse a natural, serene atmosphere, we recreated the inviting vibe at Malaka Spice, Kharadi.

The Heart of Malaka Spice:

Central to our success in Kharadi is our dedicated team, whose commitment to exceptional service has fostered a warm, welcoming environment that guests truly appreciate. They are the foundation upon which we build the Malaka Spice experience. We have Ravi who manages and heads the operations at Malaka Spice Kharadi. He is the epitome of hard work and dedication as he worked his way up from being a host with us to today, becoming the manager of one of the best restaurants in Kharadi. Ravi along with his team ensures that our guests are attended to and experience our famous Malaka Spice hospitality. He keeps his team motivated and in good spirits thus making him a key functionary of the Malaka Spice group.

A New Chapter Filled with Positive Reviews:

Since the revitalization, the response has been overwhelming. Guests have enthusiastically embraced the new look and feel of Malaka Spice, Kharadi, often dubbing it the best fine dine restaurant in Kharadi. Positive reviews abound, highlighting the combination of vibrant ambiance, personalized service, and our signature culinary offerings. From Corporate dinners to team outings and family gatherings to intimate dinners, Malaka Spice is the perfect place for a great culinary experience.

Guest Experience:

Here’s a testimonial from one of our delighted guests: “Went here for dinner. To start with, the food was really tasty and authentic... They had live music going on in the open area on Saturday night. All the items were equally good...”

This is just one of the many amazing reviews that our guests have for us and we are elated to receive such positive feedback from our dear guests.

Thank You:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers for their continued support and positive feedback. Your patronage inspires us to continually elevate our hospitality and culinary offerings. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, we invite you to join us at Malaka Spice, Kharadi, and savor the vibrant atmosphere and delightful flavors that define our brand.

As we look forward to serving you, we remain grateful for each customer who walks through our doors, motivating us to deliver unparalleled dining experiences. Together, let’s create more cherished memories at Malaka Spice, Kharadi.