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Welcome to The House of Malaka Spice

Apr 07

Welcome to The House of Malaka Spice, where we aim to provide our valued patrons with happy surprises throughout their brand journey. We understand that modern hospitality has inundated the market with extraordinary choices, but our focus on unexpected discoveries sets us apart.

Our holistic approach is reflected in the portfolio of brands that exist within The House of Malaka Spice, including Malaka Spice, Tvum, One China, Drum Roll, Malaka Market, Cherish Farms, and Chiranjeev Gurukul. Each brand provides a unique experience that blends attention to detail and thoughtful care with unexpected discoveries.

As a masterbrand, The House of Malaka Spice aims to be seen as the authority within the hospitality space. Through our social approach, we aim to spark spontaneous curiosity in guests while delivering familiar peace of mind.

At The House of Malaka Spice, we value authenticity, artisanship, and responsibility. Join us in experiencing the unexpected and creating unforgettable memories.